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Liz Powell
Chattanooga, Tennessee

The Table Telling dinnerware makes family’s meal more meaningful. The entire family loves it! The teenagers loved hearing stories from my childhood. Our table time is now more than mealtime. It’s an experience!

Belinda Wiggins
Richmond, Virginia

Every Sunday, my family gathers for a night of Table Telling. It’s truly a family affair! Thanks for creating the Table Telling dinnerware.

Mary Canada
Lee, Massachusetts

My plates came today and they are more beautiful than I expected. This dinnerware is already a family keepsake. I will be ordering more as gifts,

Zoe Baines
Dallas, Texas

I received Table Telling dinnerware as a birthday gift. I couldn’t be happier. This beautiful illustrated plates have turned my dining room into an artistic masterpiece.

Beth Johnson
N. Las Vegas, Nevada

I can relate to every plate design. This is the 1st time in my life that my table is always set. Now, visitors to my home are blown away when they see my table.